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The Law Office of Ronald D. Weiss, P.C. consults with and represents individuals and businesses undergoing financial hardship

The Law Firm of Ronald D. Weiss Esq. is a Long Island bankruptcy and foreclosure solutions law office, located on the border of Nassau & Suffolk County, in Melville, New York. For over twenty (25) years our Long Island lawyers have represented individuals and businesses experiencing financial hardship and homeowners undergoing mortgage and foreclosure difficulties in Suffolk & Nassau County. Our attorneys serve our clients throughout the greater Long Island and New York areas in Chapter 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcy cases, foreclosure solutions and foreclosure defense, creditor negotiations including mortgage modification and forbearance agreements, emergency orders to show cause and related matters. Please call us today to speak directly to an attorney or lawyer with expertise in these areas who can give you a free phone or office consultation.

Ronald D. Weiss, Esq. is a Suffolk & Nassau, Long Island lawyer, who since 1988 has  specialized in bankruptcy solutions, foreclosure solutions and modification/negotiation solutions. Since our inception, our law office has  represented thousands of clients from Suffolk & Nassau County in bankruptcy cases and preventing foreclosure.

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We represent clients in the greater Long Island and New York areas in the following concentrations:

Bankruptcy Solutions

Bankruptcy Solutions utilize federal bankruptcy laws and courts to immediately protect individuals and businesses from their creditors and to eliminate debt in Chapter 7  or to reorganize debt under both Chapter 13  (primarily used for individuals) and Chapter 11 (primarily used by businesses). We often use Bankruptcy Solutions when our clients are overwhelmed by unsecured debts such as credit cards, medical bills and personal loans and/or need time to cure secured debts such as mortgage and car loan arrears. The automatic stay, which stops all creditor activities including bank restraints, garnishments, and foreclosure sales goes into effect immediately upon the filing of a bankruptcy case. Bankruptcy Solutions are often the most certain and efficient method to resolve problematic debt and to eventually restore our client’s financial well-being and credit.

Foreclosure Solutions

Foreclosure Solutions utilize the laws and courts of the State of New York to engage in Foreclosure Defense which protects a client and their home from foreclosure litigation by their mortgage holder through answers, discovery, conferences, and opposition to motions. Orders to Show Cause give our clients emergency relief in the state court system. We also often use Bankruptcy as a Foreclosure Solution, to immediately stop foreclosure sales and other litigation against our client where our client can potentially cure their debt over time. Foreclosure Solutions are intended to provide our clients with time and leverage in their foreclosure situation so as to give our clients a greater likelihood of resolving their mortgage difficulties.

Modification & Negotiation Solutions

Modification & Negotiation Solutions are direct negotiations with a client’s creditors to reduce and extend debts such as mortgage debt, credit card debt and tax debtMortgage Modifications allow us to resolve our client’s mortgage loan arrears while seeking to restructure the note to allow for improved payment terms. Other methods of mortgage negotiations involve Short Sales and Voluntary Sales and Refinancing to Stop Foreclosure, which allow a homeowner to engage in an agreed upon “short payoff” to the lender. Credit Card Settlements are negotiated agreements with the client’s unsecured creditors to give a drastically reduced lump sum to settle past due credit card debt.  Modification and Negotiation Solutions are intended to give our clients a negotiating advantage which drastically improves their chances of obtaining a satisfactory modification agreement or other negotiated settlement with their creditors.

Landlord-Tenant Defense

Landlord-Tenant Defense is usually in the local Landlord Tenant Courts and is often necessary if a house is lost to foreclosure and more time is needed by the former homeowner before they need to vacate the house. Also, commercial tenants often are in need of representation where they are struggling to avoid eviction.

Litigation Defense

Litigation Defense is more general defense of our clients in the state court system against various collection actions, including litigation over credit cards, personal loans, business loans and other obligations.

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